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My heart has been deeply stirred.
— Heidi Baker (Mozambique)
Like an adrenaline shot in my arm.
— Tim Hughes (UK)
This book drove me to tears.
— Andrew White (Iraq)

"Searingly honest."

Dr Amy Orr-Ewing
(Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics)
"Dirty Glory is searingly honest and deeply personal. Prepare to be drawn closer to Jesus."

"This book drove me to tears." 

Canon Andrew White
(Vicar of Baghdad)

"I could feel my heart coming alive." 

Banning Liebscher
(Jesus Culture)
Few people stir my heart and challenge my faith like Pete Greig. In Red Moon Rising and now with Dirty Glory, Pete steps into my walk with Jesus and calls me to a journey of prayer that is raw and challenges the status quo at every turn. Before I was even through the introduction of Dirty Glory, I could feel my heart coming alive to what Jesus calls every believer to. That is a life lived with radical abandonment and childlike faith. A passion to see others experience the real and authentic touch of God in their lives. We were never meant to settle for a safe Christian existence; we were always meant to live on the edge, in the middle of the chaos, lifting up our hearts in prayer. We are to reach out to the broken and destitute. I am so grateful for the voice that Pete has been in my life, calling me out of the mundane and into the radical life of following Jesus and praying as he prayed.

"Life's greatest adventure"

Bear Grylls

"A powerful, personal and honest story about life's greatest adventure from the heart and hand of a prayer warrior I love and admire."

"I was captivated."

Cynthia Heald
(Becoming a Woman Bible Study Series)

"I must admit that I was skeptical of reviewing a book entitled Dirty Glory, but from page one I was captivated by the many fascinating personal stories, the extraordinary answers to prayer, the accounts of historic prayer meetings, and Pete Greig’s amazing journey with God. Reading about God’s redemptive work in response to the 24-7 prayer movement challenged and summoned me to become a “walking, talking prayer room, a carrier of his presence,” and a willing, worthy field hand who falls on her knees digging in and cultivating the soil in order to reap souls—thus the convicting and profound title, Dirty Glory."

The kind of book that ignites the spirit and amazes the mind.
— Danielle Strickland (Salvation Army)

"A master story-teller."

Glenn Packiam
(New Life Downtown, Colorado Springs)
"This is a story of the remarkable adventure of a group of people who sought the presence of God and said yes to the Holy Spirit. Pete Greig is a master storyteller, but don’t be fooled: These are more than stories. They are a living theology because they are the result of a lived theology. Pete lives out of the deep and joyful belief that God is present in his world. This book will surely awaken your heart to love the Father, to join Jesus in his prayer, and to follow the Spirit in his wild and wonderful work. I know, because that is what Pete’s life and friendship have done for me."


Rev'd Graham Singh
(Church Planting Canada & Pasteur St James' Montreal)

"Pete Greig has again shared for us God’s dreams for a new monasticism, in the real life story unfolding around the global church. For me, Pete has been one of the huge inspirations in my life of prayer and leadership. For the church, the 24-7 prayer movement is perhaps one of the most important unifying forces under heaven."

Bursting with hope.
— Dr Krish Kandiah

"A unique voice"

Matt Redman

"Pete Greig is a unique voice in the church, and this is a unique book. His words cut through any unnecessary religiosity but always remain reverent. Pete argues that the pressing need today is not for greater spiritual activity but for greater spiritual authority—and that the key to this is prayer. Nothing is sanitized here—this is a call to get your hands gloriously dirty in the service of God and to cry out in prayer for the world he so loves."

"Mystery and mischief."

Tim Day

(Author - God Enters Stage Left)

"How do I weave the adventure of a real friendship with God into my daily life? Pete Greig in Dirty Glory captures the wit and grit of normal people swept into some incredible situations just because they prayed. These stories don’t offer us a foolproof formula but rather some real-world examples—often entertaining ones—of what might happen if we joined in. A great read for those who are open to more of God’s mystery and mischief in their lives."

"Like an adrenaline shot in my arm."

Tim Hughes
(Worship Central)
"I have had the privilege of working closely with Pete Greig for a number of years. We’ve found ourselves leading together all over the world, from churches to palaces to open fields. Time with Pete is always massive amounts of fun, brilliantly inspiring, and deeply profound. Dirty Glory is no different. I couldn’t put it down. It was like an adrenaline shot in my arm. This book will challenge you to think bigger, risk more, and love recklessly. It’s a reminder that we are invited into the adventure of a lifetime: knowing God and making him known."

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