Each section of Dirty Glory boasts an illustration by the Irish designer Ben Connolly. I had appealed for artists on Twitter, and a lot of nice people kindly offered their services. But the minute I saw a poster Ben had made for one of my favourite musicians, Glen Hansard, I knew he was the guy for me! And then I learned that Ben and his wife also just happen to lead a House of Prayer!

You may notice that Ben's illustrations are a little oblique. They're deliberately not obvious. For instance, PRAYER is represented by... a buffalo. MISSION? That'll be a pirate. And JUSTICE is a geeky guy dancing with a girl in a bikini. You'll have to read the book to find out why!





#5 - JOY

Fresh, un-compromising and energising. Brilliantly written and fun to read.
— Dr Johannes Hartl (Augsburg House of Prayer)

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